MCM Canada Harlander Pottery Ceramic Tile Coffee Table
A superb Mid-Century Modern Harlander pottery tile coffee table. The table features a continuous abstract design in brown, ochre, yellow and black over 24 pottery tiles. The design of the solid cherry wood base is quite distinctive, identical (albeit shorter) to a table purchased from the Harlander's cottage in Dorset a few years ago. While always hesitant to use the word "rare", this table earns it.

"New arrivals from Germany, Susanne and Theo Harlander,  together with Liesel and Ben Harlander, by 1959 had renovated an old inn into a home and pottery at Brooklin. Outfitted with furniture they made themselves, the 16-room Harlander house was a Centre of ceramic art and fabulous Sunday parties until 1987." - excerpt from the book, A Fine Line: Studio Crafts in Ontario from 1930 to the Present - by Gail Crawford (1998).

Good pre-owned condition.

28.5" x 41" x 17" high.


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