Antique Tin Litho Toy Calculator Monkey 1918
An 87 year old calculator in the shape of a monkey in a red suit. Along with the marvellous tin litho graphics, the arms and legs pivot. One points the monkey's feet at two numbers and the multiplied result is displayed between his hands. A cardboard card can be inserted for adding numbers. The instructions are included, the tone of which bespeaks the changes of the intervening decades. Hard to imagine phrases such as "it makes no difference to the monkey whether children are bright or stupid, he never loses patience at having to answer their questions" being used to promote a modern teaching aid.

Minor wear in over all good condition. The cardboard insert is missing the two top corners and the package/instructions have wear and marks (please see all photos)

6" x 5.5"

Makers Mark's:
Consul The Educated Monkey. Made in USA by
The Educational Toy Manufacturing Company
Springfield, Mass.
Pat. June 27 1916 and November 26 1918.


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