Superb Cappuccino Espresso Maker: Vesuviana
A fantastic looking vintage 40s or 50s electric (for North American voltage) espresso and cappuccino maker. Beautifully machined from aluminium, the design is spectacular: compact and graceful. I have tested it and it makes a great cup of cappuccino. The frothing wand is better than most modern machines I have used.

Fill the reservoir and coffee basket (making sure to tighten everything up) and plug it in. In a few minutes the coffee is released into the small pot. The remaining steam pressure can then be used to froth milk for a cappuccino. (this takes practice if you haven't done it before).

OK, so let me review: Small, efficient, and beautiful to look at. Perfect for the apartment dwelling java lover.

In very good pre-owned condition.

9" high x 9" (to end of coffee basket handle) x 5".

Maker's Marks:
Vesuviana Cappuccino, Made in Italy.


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